The Independent Group. Modernism and Mass Culture in Britain 1945-59 (1996)

In ‘The Independent Group. Modernism and Mass Culture in Britain 1945-59’, Anne Massey examines the lasting influence of the discussion group, hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Art in the early 1950’s, for which Reyner Banham was a leading critical voice.

Twentieth-Century Architecture and its Histories (2000)
Published by the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Twentieth-Century Architecture and its Histories includes  “Reyner Banham, ‘one partially Americanized European'” (p.195), an appreciation of Banham and his work by his student and successor at UCL’s Bartlett school of architecture, Adrian Forty.

The Banham Lectures: Essays on Designing the Future (2009)
Transcripts of the long-running annual lectures organised by the Royal College of Art and the Design History Society, hosted by London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.
Speakers included many of Banham’s friends, colleagues, successors  & students (even a few enemies).
Edited by Jeremy Ainsley & Harriet Atkinson

Reyner Banham and the Paradoxes of High Tech (2017)
Todd Gannon starts with the intended first chapter of Reyner Banham’s un-written book examining the ‘High Tech’ architecture of the late twentieth century. Using this and other material held by the Getty Institute he explores Banham’s research methods.